Welcome to Lillehammer, Norway, in 2008


We in SKUP, the Norwegian Foundation for Investigative Journalism, are excited to invite you to Norway next year for the fifth Global Investigative Journalism Conference.  The conference is held at Radisson SAS Hotel Lillehammer 11-14 September 2008.

Info about SKUP in English.

Between 24th and 27th May this year the fourth conference took place in Toronto, Canada.

Among several hundred investigative journalists, it may not be the best etiquette to quote the former head of a powerful, international organization ridden with corruption scandals, but “The decision is Lillehammer.”

Although this network is not as large as the Olympics (yet), this global group of investigative journalists have come a long way since Brant Houston and Nils Mulvad, respectively of Investigative Reporters & Editors and the Danish Institute of Computer Assisted Reporting, recognized the potential of such a network in the spring of 2000. A year later the first conference was held in Copenhagen. The rest, as they say, is history.

SKUP was present at the Toronto conference, to see and learn from the Canadian experience.

During four conferences so far we have met, discussed and shared ideas, ethics, methods and other issues concerning our profession. Today the network numbers more than 40 journalism organizations and associations across the globe. For each conference we have taken new steps forward.

Each spring SKUP organizes the investigative journalism conference in Norway with more than 600 journalists, and we are excited to host GIJ-2008. We have an excited group of local journalists in Lillehammer eager to help, and we are also involving our sister organizations in Denmark, Finland, and Sweden in the planning of GIJ-2008.

The activity and communication within the global network has increased for each year. We hope to benefit from this great gathering in Toronto, and we are already inspired to continue the Global Shining Light award initiated by the Toronto organizers. These conferences and such an award is a wonderful reminder that although investigative journalists often work alone and under difficult and dangerous conditions, we are not alone.

Welcome to Norway in September 2008!

 We are now in the process of making programme for the conference, send in your suggestions to:

Andre Verløy  and Jan Gunnar Furuly

Lillehammer GIJ 2008 steering committe

Conference web page (still working on separate web site).

Do also check out for updates at http://www.globalinvestigativejournalism.org/


7 responses to “Welcome to Lillehammer, Norway, in 2008

  1. Feel free to dump in suggestions or any feedback here!

  2. I am a journalist and waiting to join the conferance. Though it’s far but I want confirm beforehand.
    I am from bangladesh. I wish for your great success in completing this conferance.

  3. such conferance will able to bring more awareness among investigating journalist to go deeper for benifit of humanbeing.

  4. good luck.

  5. Siroj Koirala

    It’s great opputunity for the journalist worldwide toparticipate and share the experiences with each other .

  6. i try to send my entries for the completion on investigated award but it email address is not accepting the address

  7. I’m a journalist from Somalia. I say great to Lilerhamer 2008 Journalists conference, I want to join and let East Africa Journalists arrive with the experience of Global Investigative Journalism. with may thanks from Somali Exiled Journalists Association.

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