ICIJ Award will be announced at Lillehammer 2008

The ICIJ Award

The ICIJ Award for Outstanding International Investigative Reporting has been changed to a biannual event, and the next winners will be announced at the fifth Global Investigative Journalism Conference at Lillehammer, Norway, September 11-14.

Applicants who applied for the 2006 award will not need to reapply. Applicants who submitted their application for 2006 will be included with 2007 entries and the winners will be announced next autum in Lillehammer, Norway, according to Center for Public Integrity in Washington.

The two $10,000 first-place prizes and up to five $1,000 finalist awards recognize, reward, and foster excellence in cross-borders investigative journalism.

Past ICIJ award winners have reported about abuses faced by immigrants in American workplaces; the involvement of Sweden in the CIA secret renditions program; and allegations of sexual exploitation of Congolese women, girls and boys by United Nations peacekeepers, among other issues of world importance.

Brian Ross of ABC News 20/20, Jeffrey Goldberg of The New Yorker, and Steve Bradshaw and Mike Robinson of BBC News Panorama have received the award in recent years.

More info on the prize here.

ICIJ Award criterias here.


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